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Iranonymity generated by Ironymizer

SecurityFocus is reporting that the US government has teamed up with Anonymizer, Inc to provide anonymous web surfing for Iranians. The irony is palpable.

The RIAA is firing back at Jane Doe without addressing the central issue in her challenge. Rather than confront the questions around due process, privacy, and freedom of association, the recording industry cartel has resorted to cheap character assassination, calling Jane Doe a "shoplifter" who was "hardly an unwitting...participant in the events that involve her computer."

The Transportation Security Administration's successor to the much-maligned CAPPS passenger surveillance system is getting a boost from the Galileo computer reservation system (CRS). CRSs like Galileo and Sabre are the invisible companies at the heart of the travel booking business. Don't Spy On.Us offers their take:

Larry Lessig can barely contain his incredulity as he writes about this Washington Post article; officials from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) have scuttled plans for a World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) conference to discuss "open and collaborative development models for research and innovation."


If you're a Republican politician, you may be concerned that your party's got an image problem. A lot of people think you're looking out for your corporate fatcat buddies while you stick it to the working man. How can you show the voters that you will take on big business for the sake of Joe Sixpack, without alienating your big contributors? Easy: take on the RIAA.

Best three minutes of my Tuesday

Harper's updates their Weekly Review online every Tuesday, and it's an excellent stream-of-consciousness mix of the important and strange.

I've come out of a DayQuil-induced haze long enough to notice that the fired off a letter to the RIAA. It appears that service providers aren't keen to become Pinkerton the the RIAA's Union Pacific.

"Probable cause," not "just 'cuz"

Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski's trying to undo some of the damage of the Patriot Act.

John Gilmore refuses to self-censor:

I expected to be treated as peaceable because I had not breached the peace. I expected to be treated as innocent because I was not guilty of any crime.