September 2003 Archives

The US Department of Justice has finally told us how many times they've used their PATRIOT-granted powers to secretly obtain an individual's library records: zero. This number, while welcome, shouldn't leave anyone feeling warm and fuzzy.

Judges reviewing the RIAA's DMCA play

At the behest of Baby Bell Verizon, a DC federal appeals court took a close look at the RIAA's use of the DMCA. The judges ignored Verizon's privacy arguments, but it wasn't all smiles and sunshine for Big Content, either.

RIAA sues hundreds of people

Busy few days for the RIAA. First, there's the story of their so-called amnesty (where people, in exchange for registering with the RIAA as confessed file-sharers, get absolutely nothing in return). Then the Times reports on the RIAA's efforts to tar a network architecture (peer-to-peer) with the kiddie-porn brush (P2P file sharing supports child pornography, piracy aids organized crime and finances terrorism, if the RIAA can manage to say that KaZaA gets kids high, they get a set of steaknives from John Ashcroft).

PATRIOTs hiding behind patriotism

An excellent riposte to the PATRIOT Act's boosters in Reason. As the administration ramps up its efforts to bolster support for their package of post September 11th domestic surveillance measures it's important to keep your talking points handy.