December 2003 Archives

Apparently someone at the RIAA (or the MPAA) forgot to take care of the guys at the General Accounting Office. The GAO has released a letter to Orrin Hatch informing the Senator that his statements linking P2P software and kiddie porn are flat-out wrong.
The RIAA increasingly resembles an unelected branch of government. First, Republican operator Mitch Bainwol comes aboard as director, and now ATF Director Brad Buckles has been hired to lead the lobby group's alarmingly-named Anti Piracy Unit.

VoteBot vendors circle wagons

The major suppliers of e-voting technology haveformed a trade group. Other trade groups we all love include the RIAA, MPAA, and BSA. I sure hope this works out better.

Fact or fiction?

Is a real-time description of a sporting event (usually held in a publicly-financed factility, I might add) news, or entertainment? Who can report on the game's events? Major League Baseball thinks they control the right to describe a game in real-time.

SOCAN calls for ISP tax

Canadians already pay a tariff on media like CD-Rs. Now the Canadian performing rights organization SOCAN is looking for a slice of that sweet ISP pie. ISPs are squawking at the suggestion.

FatWallet? If you're a lawyer, maybe

Shopping scuttlebut site FatWallet's fighting back against retailers' DMCA nastygrams. BestBuy, Kohl's and others are upset that FatWallet's users have taken to posting their stores' sale prices on the FatWallet forum.