July 2006 Archives

Are you prepared?

I just received a note from NYC.gov with the subject line "New Yorkers: Prepare For Extreme Heat."

Of course, that's the City reminding me that we're going to have some unseasonably hot weather this week, but doesn't that title immediately make you think you've somehow gotten spam from Taco Bell?

Open Text Buzzing Hummingbird Bid

Determined not to let major market share and customers slip away, Open Text this week made an informal offer for Hummingbird Ltd, which is in the process of being acquired by Symphony Technology Group.

This would be weird. Hummingbird bought Andyne in 1996-ish. Andyne was the first company I worked for in the technology business. OpenText bought the assets of OpenCola in 2003-ish. OpenCola was the most interesting startup experience I've ever had (and where I met Cory Doctorow).