Apple said, Google said, and I don't care

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Top of the Techmeme pops, once again, is Google Voice versus Apple's App Store:

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I must be missing something, because I can't bring myself to care less. Arrington invokes nuclear war. Others scream "Liar! You Lie!" Me? I'm unmoved by the prospect of one company telling another company "try again." You'd have to be crazy to think that a Google Voice app is anything other than a Trojan Horse designed to make Google's services central to people using mobile devices. Why do you think Google's licensing fee for Android is $0? Because the services that make Android useful all run through the Googleplex. Any mobile platform into which Google can't embed itself represents users they can't fully monetize.

And Apple's not about to let another company use their end-to-end solution as a way to determine Apple's fate.

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