Running out of oxygen?

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The hot air is plentiful as clashing conference organizers try to wring the last few bucks out of the hands of the last few suckers entrepreneurs and investors left in the tech industry:

In a video announcing Audience, Mr. Feldman promised "no talk of Twitter -- in fact, there won't be Twitter." And no ziplock bags, a crack at Mr. Pulver's "personal social-networking toolkit," which consists of a sandwich bag with a pen and name badges.

"I was appalled at the 140 Conference, and truthfully, I'm appalled at the Twitter conferences in general," Mr. Feldman said. For the marketers attending them, he asked, "Do you really need instruction on how to use Twitter? Shouldn't you already know that?"

He also cited Guardian writer Paul Carr's takedown of the event, especially its admission fee. Mr. Feldman didn't attend -- he was at another conference, in Ireland.

Mr. Pulver declined to engage in conference trash-talk. "This is just bait, and I don't bite," Mr. Pulver said from London. "But I wish them luck. I think diversity makes the world a better place, and I'll leave it at that."

WSJ: Techie conference smackdown

It's the same names saying the same thing over and over again in the same settings; only the locations change.

Seems like we're complicating something very simple: there's stuff that people need and like to use, and stuff that people need and like to make. When that's the same stuff, everyone wins.

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